We are recruiting English Teacher.

Do you like to play with children? We are looking for a teacher who can play with kids, 3 - 6 years old infant and 7-12 years old elementary school students, are most of our students.

First step

How do you teach to children and/or how do you play with children. You have two assignments that singing check and your experience. Please send us both of them according to the explanation below via email (staff@lesley-eikaiwa.com ). It may be easy for us if file type is MP4. Or send us your Youtube address also fine.

If you can not to send video, try Filemail.



We will accept your application by end of October.
If we had  candidates who are really good as a teacher, we will send a next step.

Next step will be an interview by skyp, and it will be the last one. 

● Singing check

There are many songs in a lesson. We want to watch how you can sing for kids.

We attached the song below "Colors Everywhere". Sing this song as same as the video please. We will check of whether if you could copy this set song completely.


● Your experience

You will spend a lot of time at kindergarten. It will be very important to interact with young children. So please mention it how are you going to play and teach to kinder age 3 - 5. 

Please make with the Microsoft Word.

Job description

Please read the job discription (same as Gaijin Pot) again. 


Our motto:

Play in English, Learn in English

We are a school focused on teaching English to children. We are always open to new ideas to make learning more fun.


Job description:

Spend your mornings in a Japanese kindergarten and afternoons working in a small language school. At the kindergarten you will teach English, play with kids and assist the teachers. At English school, you will teach English following using the textbook (GrapeSEED program and English Time by Oxford press) to wide range of ages from 3 years old to adult. In children’s classes you will need to use singing and reading as instructional method. Curriculum and training are provided. During each workday, time is set aside for preparation.



At the kindergarten you will eat school lunch with kids. If you have a lot of food allergies and/or dislikes, it will be difficult to take this position.


Starting date:

Training start on March 2020

Teaching start on April 2020


Work time:

10:00 to 21:00, 10 hours a day, 4 days a week

We occasionally have events that you must attend.

Most days lunch is included at the kindergarten.



Sat, Sun, Mon, National Holiday, Summer vacation (7 days), Winter vacation (14 days), Spring vacation (7 days), Paid holiday (80 hours)



250,000 ~ 350,000 yen per month



 Social insurance, employment insurance, contract completion bonus, furnished apartment provided at a discount, and monthly salary paid the month you work (not the month after).  Pickup in Tokyo can be provided if necessary. 


About Nagai city:


Nagai City is located in the southwest of Yamagata Prefecture, in the northwestern part of Honshu, with a population of about 30,000. People are very kind and friendly. Nagai is located in a beautiful area that really highlights the best of each season. It is easy to enjoy running, cycling, hiking, and skiing. You will enjoy living in the country side. While a small town, Nagai has some wonderful cafes, restaurants and bars.


Lesley English School

2-9-35 Koya-cho, Nagai, Yamagata 993-0085 JAPAN